How to Set Up WordPress Website Hosting at SiteGround

How to Set Up WordPress Website Hosting at SiteGround

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There are three fundamental components to having a website. First is the content. If you don’t have content, there’s no point having a website. The second consideration is the domain name (i.e. Last week, I shared the steps for registering a domain name at GoDaddy. The final component is hosting. If you’re not familiar, all websites have to hosted somewhere, meaning that the files live on a publicly accessible server on the Internet.

There are literally thousands of web hosting companies out there so how do you choose what company to go with? In my experience having dealt with hosting for hundreds of websites, I personally think it comes down to pricing, customer service and performance. 

I recently moved all of my websites to a new hosting company, SiteGround, because of their pricing, hosting features (SSL encryption is included), and customer service. The website hosting company that I used for the previous 13 years raised their monthly fees by 40% and their customer service was becoming more unresponsive. It was time for a change.

Below is a video I created showing all the steps involved in setting up a new hosting account and WordPress website at SiteGround. 

If you would like to learn more about SiteGround and their hosting services, you can visit their website here

Jay Lane