Fun Projects

I’ve enjoyed being creative for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I spent countless hours drawing at my drawing board. Nowadays, I spend my personal time finding creative projects to work on. 

Below is a run-down of some of my fun projects and ventures.  

Scroll Saw Art / Made By Jay Lane

In 2018, I fell in love with scroll saw art. What started as a personal passion turned into a part-time business where my wife and I make custom 3D wood art, Bourbon barrel heads, signs, and more. You can follow project updates on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter


My Awesome Hobby Podcast

I love hobbies. I have a lot of them. I enjoy talking about them so much that I started a podcast in 2021 during the pandemic called My Awesome Hobby. I chatted with guests about the awesomeness and positive impact of their hobbies. 

Things got so busy that I had paused production of new episodes but I hope to get back to it someday.

Traditional Woodworking

I’m a self-taught woodworker that got started around 2005 when I built my first poker table using plans I found online (pre-YouTube) in my uncle’s garage (using his tools). This led to 14+ poker tables and dozens of other traditional woodworking projects for myself and others. 

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Video Gaming Dad Blog

In 2014, I started a blog to share about my experiences as a dad and husband. I had planned on expanding into podcasting and other things but never had the time for it. At its heyday, I was posting multiple times per week. Now, I try to write a few times per year. If nothing else, I leave it out there for nostalgia. 


New Father’s Guide Book

Many years ago, I wanted to find a good gag gift to give a friend that was expecting the birth of his first child. I couldn’t find anything I liked in bookstores so I wrote my own book. It ended up being a really cool experience learning about self-publishing and I still have a few copies that I give out to new fathers. 

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Adventures in Video Gaming

I grew up an avid video gamer and that’s still true today. Before my kids were born, I tried to parlay my love of video gaming into several business ventures. One was a local video gaming community (before social media) and the other was a retail locaton that hosted video game tournaments, leagues and more.  

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