My Awesome Hobby Podcast

Hobbies Are Awesome.

I’m Jay Lane and I love hobbies!

As far back as I can remember, I’ve had a lot of hobbies. Growing up, I was into drawing, video games, collecting baseball cards and playing sports with my friends. Now, I enjoy woodworking, scroll saw art, video games, fantasy football, cheering for the Minnesota Vikings, and LEGO. I also enjoy finding new creative projects to work.

I enjoy hobbies so much that I started My Awesome Hobby. a podcast about the awesomeness of hobbies and the positive experiences surrounding them. Check out my first episode introducing myself and the podcast. You can also learn more about me here.

New episodes are released every Thursday.  (See below.) Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. 

Update (May 11, 2021): I’m taking a break from the podcast to focus all of my free time on my woodworking business and will plan on starting back in the fall. Thank you so much for listening and supporting the show!

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