Episode 5: Costume Prop Making With Brian Hickey

Episode 5: Costume Prop Making With Brian Hickey

Episode Overview

I talk with Brian, a self-professed Star Wars nerd, about his lifelong love for making art and how he’s using cutting-edge technology to make props such as firearms, lasers and armor inspired by video games and movies. He shares about his journey starting with traditional tools and materials to make props from scratch but now uses 3D printers and lasers to make his lifelike props that look like they came right out of an episode of The Mandalorian. We also talk about taking ideas from concept to reality and finding your tribe with people that share the same interests and passions. 

Mentioned During the Show

Prop building resources

3D printing resources
3D printers
  • Creality Ender3
  • Prusa Mini
  • Elegoo Mars
3D modeling

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