Episode 0: Introducing My Awesome Hobby Podcast

Episode 0: Introducing My Awesome Hobby Podcast

Episode Overview

I love hobbies and I have a lot of them. A lot. Over the years, they have provided a great way for me to chill out and get away from the hustle and bustle of my every day life. In fact, I love hobbies so much that I decided to start a podcast, My Awesome Hobby. Listen as I talk about why I started the podcast and share a little bit about myself, including my favorite hobbies.

Why I started the podcast

  1. I’m making it my personal mission to promote hobbies and help people find activities that they will love.
  2. I enjoy talking about hobbies and noticed that others do too.
  3. I love creative projects and have always wanted to start a podcast.

About me

  • I live in Louisville, KY (born and raised)
  • I’ve been married to my wife, Mary, for 18+ years
  • We have three kids and a Goldendoodle named Gertie

My Hobbies

  • Traditional woodworking – Check out my gallery here.
  • Scroll saw art – I have a side hustle making custom wood art. Learn more at MadeByJayLane.com.
  • LEGO
  • Video games
  • Cheering for the Minnesota Vikings
  • Fantasy football

Contact Jay:

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Be a Guest on the Show!

If you have a hobby (or hobbies) that you love talking about, I’d love to have you on the show. Drop me a line!