How to Unfollow Your Facebook Friends’ Posts Without “Unfriending” Them

How to Unfollow Your Facebook Friends’ Posts Without “Unfriending” Them

Do you have a Facebook friends that annoy you with there annoying posts about _______________? Or maybe you have friends that post updates all day long and fill up your newsfeed.

If you’re like me, your Facebook newsfeed is precious real estate. There are certain people (and brands) that you want to hear from and certain ones you don’t.

There’s an easy solution. Unfollow them. This way you’re still Facebook friends but the other people have no idea that you’re no longer seeing their posts in your Facebook feed. If you unfriend them, it’s highly possible they’ll figure it out someday. Don’t put yourself in an awkward position having to re-send someone a friend request (or they send you one).

Below are instructions for unfollowing someone on or through the Facebook mobile app. As a bonus, I’ve included instructions on how to follow someone again (in case you accidentally unfollowed them or changed your mind).

Unfollow Someone on

1) Find the post of someone you want to unfollow. Click the downward pointing arrow at the top right of the post box.


2) Click “Unfollow _________.” You can also choose to hide the post if you prefer.


3) You’ll get a confirmation message from Facebook letting you know you won’t see the person’s posts anymore. You can click the “Undo” link if you changed your mind.


4) Enjoy a newsfeed free of at least one person’s posts (the person you unfollowed).

Unfollow Someone Using the Facebook Mobile App

1) Tap the downward pointing arrow in the upper right-hand corner of a post from the person you’re wanting to unfollow. I’ve highlighted the area below (inside the red box).


2) You’ll see a dropdown box. Tap the second option (Unfollow ________). Facebook will display a message confirming that you’ve unfollowed the person.


I need to mention that Gloria is a dear family friend and I would never unfollow her on Facebook. I used this for demonstrative purposes only.

3) Enjoy a de-cluttered Facebook newsfeed.

What to Do if You Want to Follow Someone That You Previously Unfollowed


1) Use the search box at the top of to find your friend. Click on the person’s name.


2) Click the “Follow” button at the top of the page


You’ll see a check box next to “Following” confirming that you’re following your friend again. This person’s posts will begin appearing in your newsfeed again.


On Facebook Mobile App

1) Use the search box at the top of the Facebook app to find your friend. Tap on the person’s name.

2) Tap the “Follow” button near the bottom of the screen.


Facebook will show you some options for following the person. You can choose “Default” or “See First” if you want the person’s posts prioritized at the top of your newsfeed.


You should see a “Following” confirmation to letting you know that you’re now following the person again.


Jay Lane