How to Stop Notifying Your LinkedIn Connections When You Update Your Profile

How to Stop Notifying Your LinkedIn Connections When You Update Your Profile

I first posted this on LinkedIn in 2015 and then updated it in April 2018. 

Back in 2015, I wrote about how to turn off LinkedIn profile notifications so that your LinkedIn network wouldn’t be notified every time you made a change to your profile. This used to include making changes to your profile photo, work experience, and some other things. Now, according to LinkedIn, your network will get notified when you make edits to an existing job, add a new job and when it’s your work anniversary.

Since my old post is out of date and the instructions no longer work, I thought I’d put together some new instructions. These steps are pretty similar on both the desktop (in your Internet browser) and mobile app.

Let’s get started.

1) Click on the “Me” (profile) option in the navigation and then choose “Settings & Privacy.”

2) Click on “Privacy.”

3) Scroll down on the page and look for “Sharing profile edits.” You’ll see that by default notifications are turned on (unless you changed them before). Click the “Change” button.

4) Under “Sharing profile edits, click on the toggle button next to “Yes.”

It should now say “No.” You’ll see a “Saved” message off to the right letting you know that the change has been made.

That’s it. You can now make changes to your profile and your connections won’t get notified.

In the future, if you want your network to know that you’ve switched jobs, go in and turn the notification back on. Good luck!

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