How do you organize information?

How do you organize information?

One of my biggest struggles as an interactive strategist is staying on top of industry-related news, trends and information. I don’t have the luxury of focusing on one area of internet marketing. Clients look to me to provide guidance for a wide variety of things including Web site development, search engine marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, etc.

I currently subscribe to a ton of RSS feeds from a variety of different sources. I’ve been using my iGoogle home page to manage my RSS feeds. It works because it shows me the last three posts from my favorite blogs.

(On a side note, setting up an iGoogle page is really easy. When you’re looking at, look up in the upper right hand corner. You’ll see an “iGoogle” link. Click this and you’re on your way. If you have a Google account, you can view this page every time you log in regardless of your location)

Yesterday, I read an article on Ian Lurie’s Conversation Marketing blog about Google Reader and how he uses it to prioritize and organize all of his feeds. Check out his post on solving “Internet marketing overload”. >>

I read a related post a few minutes ago on Dosh Dosh (a blog focusing primarily on Social Media) that was also very interesting. The author write about he sorts through all of the information to find what he’s looking for. The comments to the post are also helpful because a bunch of people wrote about how they organize info. Take a look.>>

Hopefully you find these posts as helpful and informative as I did.

Jay Lane