Minnesota Vikings Scroll Saw Art

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About This Project

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to scroll saw art by @iamthebeardlessman in a YouTube video that he produced.

If you don’t know, a scroll saw is a tool that has a vertical blade that moves up and down rapidly and you can push pieces of wood through it to cut out a specific design. It’s very similar to a jigsaw except that a jigsaw is handheld and a scroll saw is stationary. 

Anyway, I’m a huge Minnesota Vikings fan and I was immediately inspired to create their logo as my first project. I found the logo online and then used software called Inkscape to separate the components of the logo and then printed them out. I used contact paper and spray adhesive to attach the paper templates to the wood. Then I cut everything out. 

Considering this was my first time using a scroll saw, I’m very happy with out this project turned out. I can’t wait to do more.  

Project Completed

March 2018

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