Am I losing my mind?

Am I losing my mind?

Several months ago, I subscribed to the New York Times’ Circuits email newsletter based on a co-worker’s recommendation. It comes once a week and has an article written by David Pogue. He’s a well-known technology guy that writes really good articles about different gadgets. I saw him speak at a Social Media conference in Vegas in April 2008. He was really good. Anyway, I’ve realized that I don’t read the e-newsletter and have attempted to unsubscribe from it. Over the last month, I’ve unsubscribed at least 4 times. Yesterday it showed up in my inbox.

So this time I’m going to take some screen caps of the unsubscribe screen just to make sure I’m not crazy. You can see below that I clicked the “unsubscribe” link in the email. Click on the thumbnail below to see the unsubscribe page.

So I’m crossing my fingers that the email doesn’t come through next week because I really don’t want to have to hunt down someone at NY Times about manually removing me from the list. And I certainly shouldn’t have to…

UPDATE: Apparently the unsubscribe link in the “Circuits” email unsubscribes me from a completely different email called “Tech Updates”. David Pogue left a comment for me pointing that out. I guess we’ll see if “Circuits” shows up next week.

Jay Lane