About Jay Lane


Digital marketer by day. maker by night.

I live with my wife and three kids in Louisville, Kentucky. Professionally, I run digital marketing for a behavioral healthcare company and help small business owners with their marketing in my spare time. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, making stuff, teaching, fantasy football, and video games. 

Professional Digital Marketing Experience

I currently lead digital marketing efforts at Springstone, a premier provider of behavioral healthcare services with 14 hospitals and 8 outpatient facilities across the country. I oversee our multi-location programs including 14 websites, paid display campaigns, pay-per-click, local search engine optimization, social media, reputation management, and reporting. During my first 18 months at Springstone, I also managed all of our traditional marketing efforts including branding, print collateral development and more. 

Prior to joining Springstone, I held several digital and social media strategy roles at Humana. Before my foray into healthcare, I spent the majority of my career at Louisville-based advertising agencies working on digital projects for large consumer brands, government agencies, and local/regional companies. 

Here’s a quick run-down of my digital marketing experience going back to 2004:

  • Director of Marketing & Digital Strategy | Springstone, Inc. | May 2016 to Present
  • Digital Marketing Consultant, Trainer & Educator, Owner | Jay Lane Media | April 2008 to Present
  • Digital Strategy Consultant (Senior Products) | Humana | June 2015 to May 2016
  • Social Strategy Consultant & Community Manager (Individual & Medicare Products) | Humana | December 2013 to June 2015
  • Digital Strategy Consultant (HumanaVitality) | Humana | October 2012 to December 2013
  • Digital Marketing Strategist | Power Creative | June 2010 to October 2012
  • Adjunct Professor, Digital Marketing | Jefferson Community & Technical College | January 2013 to May 2013
  • Director, Interactive Services | New West | October 2007 to September 2009
  • Interactive Marketing Strategist | Power Creative | September 2005 to October 2007
  • Account Executive, Interactive | Bisig Impact Group | June 2004 to September 2005

You can read more about my experience and specific roles on my LinkedIn page

Teaching & Training

I have a curious mind and really enjoy learning new things. It’s one of the things I’ve loved about working on the Internet. Everything is changing so quickly and there’s always something to learn. On the flip side, I love sharing knowledge with others. 

In 2008, I started teaching continuing education classes at several local universities geared toward small business owners, non-profits and professionals. I also served as adjunct faculty at Jefferson Community Technical College for a semester. When I was consulting full-time, I spoke in front of professional and trade groups too.  

You can read more about my teaching and training experience here

Creative Projects

I’ve loved creating and figuring out how to do things for as long as I can remember. I spent countless hours drawing up until I graduated from college. By that time, I was onto other things and everything could be designed on a computer. The creative aspect of things is what drew me into majoring in advertising in college and then onto working in advertising/marketing as a professional.

Nowadays, I love making things and finding fun projects to work on. After the birth of my second son, I decided to write a book for new fathers because I couldn’t find any other fun gifts to give to new dads. I also started a blog at VideoGamingDad.com in 2014 to write about my experiences as a Dad. 

Most of my free time is now spent in my shop making things out of wood. It all started ~15 years ago when I wanted to build my own poker table with plans I found on the Internet. I built that table in my uncle’s garage using his tools. Since then, I’ve built dozens of poker tables, bookshelves, desks and other pieces of furniture for myself and for others. Check out My Projects page to see everything I’ve made so far.  


When I was a kid, I loved building with LEGO. Several years ago, I rekindled my love for LEGO as my kids started getting into them. I’m probably crazier about LEGO than my kids are. I now have over 50 sets in my collection along with several freestyle builds I made from our loose LEGO bricks. If you check out My Projects page, you’ll see that I’ve built multiple shelves to display my LEGO collection.  

Video Games

I’ve spent way too many hours over the years playing video games. It started with an Atari in the 1980’s and led all the way up to my Xbox One. Video games have always been a release for me and it’s something that I’ve been able to do with my kids. There was a point in my life before my wife and kids where I ran several video gaming related ventures

You can follow me on Twitter at @JayLane and/or Instagram at @TheRealJayLane. You can also drop me a line on my Contact page.