About Jay Lane

Jay Lane

I am a digital marketing and social media consultant living in Louisville, Kentucky along with my wife, Mary, three kids, and a Goldendoodle named Gertie.

Professional Work Experience

I have nearly two decades of experience working on digital marketing programs and projects for companies of all sizes, ranging from Fortune 100 and healthcare companies to small/medium businesses and non-profits. I have experienced the work from the corporate side, agency side, and as an independent consultant. 

I spent the past seven years in digital strategy and leadership roles in healthcare. The first half of that time was at Humana working on consumer-facing initiatives. The last three years were spent at two different behavioral healthcare companies overseeing localized marketing programs for 30+ facilities treating mental health and addiction. 

Before my time in healthcare, I spent 8+ years at advertising agencies working on large website projects and digital initiatives for clients such as GE Appliances, Lennox International, GE Aviation, Commonwealth of Kentucky, regional/local companies, and non-profits. 

You can see my full resume here or check out my LinkedIn profile to see a full rundown of my career. 

My Story

I graduated from Western Kentucky University in May 1999 with an Advertising degree and plans to work in a traditional advertising agency. I ended up joining a small three-person marketing shop that was just starting to build websites as the Internet was becoming mainstream. To illustrate how far we’ve come in a short period of time, consider the following about my first job:

    1. Our office shared ONE dial-up Internet connection and we each had to yell out “Is anyone on the Internet?” before connecting. 
    2. We built our websites using Microsoft Publisher. Yes, I know. Apparently, it’s not just a tool for creating subpar brochures and flyers. 
    3. Our biggest website client was the Broadway Series (the big one based in NYC). They sent us content updates on floppy disks. 

I quickly became interested in building websites and taught myself Dreamweaver (industry-leading development software at the time) and started building websites myself. That led to my second job where I was hired as a full-time web developer for a software development company. I pretty quickly learned that I wasn’t cut out to be a developer. Over the next few years, I moved between an Internet startup (that let me go after three months), computer training, a video gaming start-up and a sales role at a local media company. 

Since 2004, I transitioned into the digital strategy, project management, and leadership side of things. I love this space because things move so quickly and I really enjoy learning new things. 

Throughout my career, I have run my own websites and blogs as a “copy and paste coder.” This experience along with my early experience as a full-time developer has been invaluable for me because it’s helped me better understand the website development process and I can guide others through it. 

Teaching & Training

I have a curious mind, enjoy learning new things, and I am passionate about sharing what I’ve learned with others. Since 2008, I have taught 100+ digital marketing-related classes for executives, small business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and professionals. I also try to create and share educational content as often as I can. 

You can read more about my training here

Personal Fun Projects

As an entreprenuerial spirit, I’m always coming up with ideas and projects to work on. Below are some of my favorite projects so far. 



I am a self-taught woodworker that got my start in 2005. In my spare time, I have a side business making custom wood signs, home decor and more. 



In 2014, I started a blog to share my experiences as a Dad and husband. I used to post several times a week but I have slowed down in recent years.

Adventures in Gaming

I grew up an avid video gamer and that’s still true today. Before my kids were born, I parlayed my love of video gaming into several business ventures. 

New Father’s Guide

I wanted a fun family-friendly gift for a friend that was expecting the birth of his first child. I couldn’t find anything I liked in stores so I wrote my own book.