About Jay Lane

Digital Strategy Experience

I have over two decades of experience working on digital marketing programs for companies of all sizes, ranging from Fortune 100 and healthcare companies to small/medium businesses and non-profits. I have experienced the work from the corporate side, agency side, and as an independent consultant. 

I spent the past 9= years in digital strategy and leadership roles in healthcare. The majority of that time was at several multi-location health systems leading their digital programs. I also spent three and half years at Humana working on various consumer-facing initiatives. 

Before healthcare, I spent 9+ years at advertising agencies working on large digital projects for clients such as GE Appliances, Lennox International, GE Aviation, Commonwealth of Kentucky, regional/local companies, and non-profits.

You can see a full rundown of my career over on LinkedIn

My Story

I graduated from Western Kentucky University in May 1999 with an Advertising degree and plans to work in a traditional advertising agency. I ended up joining a small three-person marketing shop that was just starting to build websites as the Internet was becoming mainstream.

I quickly became interested in building websites and taught myself web development. That led to my second job where I was hired as a full-time web developer for a software development company. I eventually realized that I wasn’t cut out to be a developer and in 2004, I transitioned into the digital strategy, project management, and leadership side of things. 

Throughout my career, I have run my own websites and blogs as a “copy and paste coder.” This experience along with my early experience as a full-time developer has been invaluable for me because it’s helped me better understand the website development process and I can guide others through it. 

Teaching & Training

I have a curious mind and enjoy learning new things and sharing what I’ve learned with others. I have taught 100+ digital marketing-related classes geared towards executives, small business owners, and professionals. 


I’ve loved creating and figuring out how to do things for as long as I can remember. My favorite pastime is woodworking. I got started in 2005 when I wanted to build my own poker table. I found plans online, borrowed my uncle’s tools/garage, and created a poker table that I am still proud of today. Since then, I have completed dozens of traditional woodworking projects including 14+ poker tables, bookshelves, furniture, and more.

I now focus most of my time on my side business, Made By Jay Lane, where I make custom Bourbon barrel heads, 3D wood art, signs and more.  

Other Creative Projects

In addition to my woodworking projects, I’ve found other fun things to work on including a book I wrote for new dads, my Video Gaming Dad blog, and several video gaming-related ventures.