Jay Lane is a Digital Marketing Leader, Educator and Woodworker in Louisville, KY

I am a creative marketing leader with 20+ years of experience leading digital marketing strategy and programs for Fortune 100/500 organizations, healthcare companies, and regional/mid-sized businesses. You can read my full bio here

I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with others and have taught 100+ digital marketing-related classes/seminars geared toward executives, small business owners, professionals, and non-profits. 

Outside of work and spending time with family, I enjoy fun and creative projects. My favorite pastime is woodworking and I spend a lot of time making custom 3D wood art. I also sometimes write about video games, LEGO, parenting, and more at Video Gaming Dad.  

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I’ve enjoyed woodworking for most of my adult life and in 2018, I was introduced to scroll saw art. What started as a fun part-time hobby, turned into a fun part-time business where my wife and I have had the amazing opportunity to make cool 3D wood art for lots of awesome people. It’s been one of the most positive things that I’ve ever experienced. You can see our full gallery over on MadeByJayLane.com.

Featured Creative Projects & Interests


I’ve made countless projects including poker tables, furniture, and more.

VGD - screen

I sometimes write about LEGO, video games, parenting, and family fun. 


I once wrote a book for new Dads as a gag gift for a friend expecting the birth of his first daughter. 

Louisville Gaming Center

I’ve enjoyed video games since I was a kid and have run several gaming-related ventures.