Jay Lane is a Digital Marketing Leader, Educator and Woodworker in Louisville, KY

I am a creative marketing leader with 20+ years of experience leading digital marketing strategy and programs for Fortune 100/500 organizations, healthcare companies, and regional/mid-sized businesses. You can read my full bio here

I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with others and have taught 100+ digital marketing-related classes/seminars geared toward executives, small business owners, professionals, and non-profits. 

Outside of work and family, I love finding fun and creative projects. I spend most of my free time making custom 3D wood art. I also sometimes write about video games, LEGO, parenting, and more at Video Gaming Dad.  

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Featured Creative Projects & Interests


I have a part-time business making custom wood art, Bourbon barrel heads, and more.


I enjoy teaching and occasionally offer public classes and individual training.

VGD - screen

I sometimes write about LEGO, video games, parenting, and family fun.