Fun Projects

Outside of work, I enjoy finding fun projects to work on. Below are some examples of current and past projects. Click on the links below to find out more.

In January 2014, I created Video Gaming Dad. It’s a place where I can write about my experiences as a dad and a husband. Occasionally, I’ll share some of the wisdom I’ve learned as a dad or I’ll write about video games that I’m playing. It’s been a lot of fun (when I’m not slacking). I’m hoping to add a podcast in the near future.


new-fathers-guideNew Father’s Guide

A few years ago, I wrote and self-published a book for my friend that was expecting the birth of his first daughter. I ended up printing a bunch of copies and giving them away to other friends as well. I still have a stack of them lying around (if you know anyone that needs one).

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lgclogoAdventures in Video Gaming

I love video games. Almost 10 years ago, I attempted to turn that passion for video games into several different business ventures. First, I started a local gaming association that hosted tournaments and then I opened a retail business.

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