How to Change Your Domain Name’s Nameservers at

There are two main components to setting up every website. The first part of is registering your website or blog’s domain name (ex. Some of the most popular domain registrars are GoDaddy or Network Solutions.

After you’ve registered the domain name, you’ll have to set up website hosting. That’s the place where your website files will live. I personally use Site5 but there are tons of great hosting companies out there. Hosting agreements are typically paid for monthly or annually.

Once you’ve set up hosting, you’ll have to tell your domain registrar where to point your website domain so any visitors coming to your site will directed to the right place. To do this, you’ll have to edit your nameserver. After you’ve paid for hosting, your hosting company will send you a welcome email with directions on how to do this. What you will specify for nameservers will typically be something like or

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[VIDEO] How to Create a Gmail Email Forwarder

At some point, you may want to forward your Gmail emails (or a copy of them) to another email address. There could be several reasons:

  • You’re no longer using that Gmail address
  • You have multiple Gmail addresses and don’t want to have to check each account all the time
  • You don’t want someone to see your real email address
  • You created an email address for a specific purpose like using one of Google’s many free tools

I probably have five or six Gmail addresses that I’ve created over the years. Most of them now forward to my primary email address.

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[VIDEO] How to Create an Email Signature in Microsoft Outlook 2007

I send/receive a ton of emails on a daily basis. I make sure that every email includes my name, company name, contact information and links to all my social networking profiles.

These easiest way to do this automatically is to create an email signature. Every time I create I new message or reply to one, the information is automatically added. Plus, I use the opportunity to promote my monthly email newsletter at the very bottom.

Watch the video below to learn how to create your own email signature.

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What are some of the most creative email signatures you’ve seen?

Cheat Sheet for Tweeting “Retweetable” Tweets

Getting people to “retweet” your Twitter posts is a great way to get yourself more exposure and reach.

I just read a great blog post by Aliza Sherman (@alizasherman), “Tweeting 101: A Twitter Cheat Sheet” on

In the post, Aliza discusses some of the reasons for using Twitter such as branding, communications and community. She also talks about how to use Twitter and how to make your tweets “retweetable.”

This is a great resource and I highly recommend that you check it out.

PPT Presentation: Growing Your Business with Social Media

Below is a presentation that I gave last night at Social Media Club of Evansville.

Growing Your Business With Social Media – Social Media Club Evansville

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How to Make a Delicious Plugin for Google Chrome From

I recently switched my Internet browser of choice from Mozilla Firefox over to Google Chrome. I was getting tired of Firefox freezing up on me all the time and I had heard nothing but good things about Chrome from some of my programmer friends. Since I switched over, my Internet experience has been a lot smoother.

Switching was a big decision for me because Firefox has so many cool add-ons that just made life easier for me. One of my favorite add-ons was having the ability to easily add bookmarks to my Delicious account (Delicious is an online bookmarking tool that makes all of your bookmarks available to you anywhere that you have Internet access).

Today, I found a tip from that shows you how to make your own Delicious add-on in Google Chrome. Check it out.

If you want to download Google Chrome, you can do so here.

Get your own Delicious account.

Installing a WordPress site at Network Solutions

I just helped a friend set up a WordPress Web site at Network Solutions. I’ve set up a ton of WordPress sites with Site5 (the hosting company I use) and GoDaddy but never Network Solutions. I wasn’t sure if it would be a smooth installation or if I’d run into issues.

I ran into an issue.

After uploading all the files, we got a database error but couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I went to Google and found a blog post with a tip on solving the problem.

The post said to enter the site’s IP address in the “DB_NAME” field (in the wp-config file) but I think he meant “DB_HOST” field. That’s what I did anyway and it fixed the database error that we were getting. The site is now working like it should.

Thanks to Andrew at Fungible Convictions for the tip. It made my life a whole lot easier.