Consumers trust bloggers less than you would think…

I read an interesting post on Jeremiah Owyang’s blog this morning. He points out several surveys that show that blogs are at the bottom of the list as far as trusted sources used when making a buying decision.

For example, a Forrester Research survey shows that consumers trust sources in the following order:

  1. Opinion of a friend or acquaintance that has used the product – 83%
  2. A product review in a newspaper, magazine or TV – 75%
  3. Info on manufacturer’s Web site – 69%
  4. A review by a known expert – 63%
  5. Consumer reviews on a retailer’s site – 60%

Number 10 is an online review by a blogger.

I was surprised that blogs were so low on the list. Maybe they don’t carry the weight that we all expect these days.

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