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Digital Strategist, Educator, Gamer & Woodworker

I’ve been building large-scale websites and managing digital marketing campaigns since 1999. During that time, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with many different Fortune 100/500 companies, small/medium sized businesses, government agencies and non-profits on their digital marketing programs.

I enjoy challenging projects, solving problems for clients/business partners and learning new skills on the fly. It is very important to me to always be progressing personally and professionally.

I love sharing what I know with others. Over the years, I’ve developed and led over 50 digital marketing-related classes for local universities and trade organizations. My students have included executives, small business owners, marketing professionals and non-profits.

Outside of work, I love spending time with my family, blogging, video games, and woodworking. I enjoy finding creative projects to work on. I’ve written and self-published a book for new fathers, started a dad blog and I’ve run several video gaming-related ventures.

Feel free to call me at 502.509.2529 or drop me a line here. You can also connect with me on LinkedInTwitter or Instagram. Thanks for stopping by!


Worth Checking Out … Maybe?


New Father’s Guide

I wrote and self-published a book as a gag gift for a friend. The idea came from a lack of fun gifts for new dads. I had a great time putting the book together. Read more about the NFG >



Making things out of wood has become my favorite hobby. Over the years, I’ve built dozens of poker tables, furniture and stuff for my kids. Check out my woodworking gallery >



I’m a dad blogger. It really is a thing. I write about my life as a husband and dad to three wonderful kids. Sometimes, I write about other stuff (like video games) too. Visit VGD > (external link).

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