2014 Goals Update – July 2014

Back in January, I shared seven goals that I set for myself in 2014. Since I’m at the halfway point for the year, I thought I’d look at the goals and see how I’m doing. Here’s my update on each goal.

Goal #1: Watch less TV

When I came up with this goal, I was watching way too much TV and not doing much else with my personal time. In retrospect, this was a stupid goal. I wasn’t very specific and it’s pretty hard to track. I feel like I have watched less TV shows but I have probably spent the same amount of time in front of the TV. Back in early March, I bought NBA2K14 for my Xbox 360 and played the heck out of it.

I am starting to get tired of watching TV again, especially since there aren’t many shows on during the summertime. I’ve barely touched my Xbox over the past month or so. Hopefully, I’ll feel better about my progress on this goal as I get closer to the end of the year. We’ll see.

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What Happens When Your Neighbor Reads Your Blog?


I’ll be honest. When I write something on my blog, I don’t really expect many people to read it. I mean, I’m no Lewis Bertolucci or Jeff Ross (two of my co-workers that are experienced bloggers).

Sure, I’ll share links through my social networks but I don’t expect these people to make it to my website to see what I’ve written. I feel like most of the time when I write, it’s more for me than anything. It’s somewhat therapeutic to share my stories or point-of-view on something.

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My Goals for 2014

2014-goalsI’m not real big on new year resolutions mainly because I don’t want to start off the year making resolutions that I’m eventually going to break. Sure, I’d like to get in shape, eat healthier and be an overall better person. Who wouldn’t?

I’d like to focus on some more attainable and trackable goals for myself. My colleague Jeff Ross gave me the idea to publicly set some personal goals for the year and then track their progress throughout the year. He does it on his blog.

I’m going to start with the following list (in no particular order) and add to/update it as I go along. I don’t want to lock myself into any particular set of goals.

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Protect Your Digital Assets or Risk Losing Your Memories

file1061299116518Recently, my computer’s hard drive crashed and I lost everything, including 11+ years of digital photos and videos (plus countless documents and software). Those photos and videos were priceless to me because they chronicled every life event involving me, my wife and our three kids. It was easily 10′s of thousands of photos and 100′s of videos.

It could have been a disastrous event but it wasn’t.

The reason? I had everything backed up.

Over the years, I have developed a digital back up plan and it’s saved me more than once.

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Never Doubt Your Kids’ Awesomeness

Here's Ethan (49) running the ball.

Here’s Ethan (49) running the ball.

A  few years ago, I coached my my oldest son, Ethan in an Upwards Sports flag football league at a church down the street. Going into the league, I decided that I would have him play quarterback or wide receiver. We played a lot of catch in the backyard and he could throw and catch a football pretty well.

When the season started, our team ran the ball a lot. We had some small kids that were pretty fast and we did pretty well.

Every game, Ethan would say “Dad. Let me play running back.” He would beg me several times during the game.

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11 Reasons Why I LOVE Fantasy Football


To quote (and slightly modify) some words from a great 90′s philosopher, “I like fantasy football and I don’t know why. You other brothers can not lie…” Sorry, that popped in my head and I had to work it in here somehow.

Actually, I LOVE fantasy football and I DO know why.

I’ve been playing fantasy football since 1994 when I was in high school and before the Internet. Back then, we had to leave our starting line-up on the commissioner’s answering machine each week and that week’s results were mailed out. In the league I ran, we had to wait until the newspaper came out on Mondays to manually add up our points. I know, I know. It was my generation’s version of having to walk two and a half miles to school in the snow each day.

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The Adventures of Clyde, Our Elf on the Shelf (2013)

clyde-12.10.13My wife and I have been doing Elf on the Shelf with our kids for the past couple of years. The basic idea is that the elf visits during December and each night reports back to Santa. When he returns each morning, he’s in a different place.

We have a lot of fun doing it and it’s awesome to see the kid’s reactions every day. This year, I’ve been sharing pictures of Clyde’s adventures on Instagram.

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I Walked 600 Miles (1.2 Million Steps) in 100 Days…

100-Day-DashAt Humana, we have an annual internal 100 day step challenge called The 100 Day Dash. It’s a huge initiative where employees are encouraged to form teams and get active. There were opportunities to win fun prizes and participate in weekly mini-challenges.

I was part of the team than ran and supported this year’s Dash (that ran from June 3, 2013 through September 10, 2013). I developed the digital/social strategy and then acted as a community manager for the 100 Day Dash group on Buzz, Humana’s internal social network. I had a great time interacting with people from all over the company.

Because of my role in the Dash, I felt like I needed to step up and challenge myself to log as many steps as I could during the 100 days. How could I encourage others if I wasn’t pushing myself as well? I set a goal of 10,000 steps per day (roughly 5 miles). That was a pretty lofty goal considering that I had only hit 10,000 steps two or three times in the previous 6 months before the Dash started.

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How to Change Your Domain Name’s Nameservers at GoDaddy.com

There are two main components to setting up every website. The first part of is registering your website or blog’s domain name (ex. acmecompany.com). Some of the most popular domain registrars are GoDaddy or Network Solutions.

After you’ve registered the domain name, you’ll have to set up website hosting. That’s the place where your website files will live. I personally use Site5 but there are tons of great hosting companies out there. Hosting agreements are typically paid for monthly or annually.

Once you’ve set up hosting, you’ll have to tell your domain registrar where to point your website domain so any visitors coming to your site will directed to the right place. To do this, you’ll have to edit your nameserver. After you’ve paid for hosting, your hosting company will send you a welcome email with directions on how to do this. What you will specify for nameservers will typically be something like dns1.site5.com or dns2.site5.com.

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[VIDEO] How to Create a Gmail Email Forwarder

At some point, you may want to forward your Gmail emails (or a copy of them) to another email address. There could be several reasons:

  • You’re no longer using that Gmail address
  • You have multiple Gmail addresses and don’t want to have to check each account all the time
  • You don’t want someone to see your real email address
  • You created an email address for a specific purpose like using one of Google’s many free tools

I probably have five or six Gmail addresses that I’ve created over the years. Most of them now forward to my primary email address.

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