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Hello. I’m Jay Lane.

I’ve been building and managing digital marketing programs since 1999. During that time, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with many different Fortune 100/500 companies, small/medium sized businesses, government agencies and non-profits.

I love sharing what I know with others. Over the years, I’ve developed and led over 50 digital marketing-related classes for local universities and trade organizations. My students have included executives, small business owners, marketing professionals and non-profits.

Outside of work, I love spending time with my family, blogging, video games, and woodworking (ext). I enjoy finding creative projects to work on. I’ve written and self-published a book for new fathers, started a dad blog and I’ve run several video gaming-related ventures.

Feel free to call me at 502.509.2529 or drop me a line here. You can also connect with me on LinkedInTwitter or Instagram. Thanks for stopping by!


Fun Projects Worth Checking Out … Maybe?


I’m a dad blogger. It really is a thing. I write about my life as a husband and dad to three wonderful kids. Sometimes, I write about other stuff (like video games) too. Visit (ext).


Making things out of wood has become my favorite hobby. Over the years, I’ve built dozens of poker tables, bookshelves and fun stuff for my kids. Check out (ext) to see examples of my work.


New Father’s Guide

I wrote and self-published a book as a gag gift for a friend. The idea came from a lack of fun gifts for new dads. I had a great time putting the book together. Learn more about the New Father’s Guide.

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